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Why put extra stress on yourself & your pets
You and your family are looking forward to some rest & relaxation.  You are finally going to take some vacation time.
But, you have a pet or pets in your household.
What are you going to do with your pet(s) while you are away?  Who is going to give them the love and attention they deserve?  Do you start stressing out trying to find a solution to your pet(s) dilemma?
1. I could board my pet(s) at a Pet Day Care facility
   or Kennel:
Yes you could, but that is stressful to everyone, including your pet.  Not only do you have to reserve your spot early, but you also have to drive your pet there and then drive back to pick them up.  They charge you a pretty penny to keep them in a CAGE for most of the day.  Then they charge you additional fees for options such as 15 minutes of play time, yappy hour snacks, extra potty breaks or extra walks. This puts a lot of stress on your pet(s), quite possibly causing them to become depressed and not eat or play due to the stress and unfamiliar surroundings.
2. I could have a neighbor or friend check
   on my pet(s):
Yes you could, but why put that kind of stress on your friend/neighbor relationship.  Your neighbors or friends have lives of their own to contend with.  A quick pop-in, just to let your pet go potty, then back in the house, so your neighbor or friend can get to their chores, is not a nice way to treat one of your family members or your friends/neighbors.
3. I can take my pet(s) with us on vacation:
Yes you can, and that would be the best solution for everyone in the family.  But that means that you will have to locate hotels that accept pets, take a pet cage, drive (instead of fly) to your vacation destination and have the available room in the vehicle (after loading all the children and luggage) .  The next best solution is to have your pets stay in you home, where they are comfortable, know their surroundings and can protect your home from intruders.
WORRY NO MORE…..Pet Pals Pet Services, is here to help alleviate the stress for you, your family and your pet(s).
Pet Pals Pet Services, LLC is a fitting solution for those that LOVE their pet(s) and want the best for them.  What could be better for your pet(s) than to be able to stay in their own home, eat their own food, go on LONG walks or have play time in their own yard (or house for those pets that remain inside or are caged), receive their own snacks (at no additional cost) and receive loving care, all within familiar surroundings.
About Pet Pals Pet Services, LLC
Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the UTMOST importance. We are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
All customer information is kept completely confidential and secured.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the BEST service in the industry.
Pet Pals Pet Services was started in June of 2009.  After losing my job in February of 2008 and searching for a new job for over a year, I decided to start my own business (with a lot of prodding from my wife).
After consideration of a number of businesses I could open, I finally came to the conclusion of how much I enjoy being around animals.  After several months of research and preparation, Pet Pals Pet Services was born.
A little information about us:
I have had pets most of my life, mainly dogs.  I am a HUGE pet lover. It always amazes me how they become like family and are always there for you.
My wife and I currently have 2 dogs: MAX (a black lab mix that is 7 years old) and BRUTUS (a boxer/lab mix that is 4 years old) that we adopted in February of 2008.  They are like brothers and love life and everyone they meet.  They enjoy playing in our fenced in back yard and love going on long walks and car rides.  We also have 1 cat - Pumpkin.
I know how difficult it is leaving your pet(s) and how stressful and EXPENSIVE it can be to find a GOOD facility to board them at when going on vacation.  That is why they should be left in surroundings they are familiar with – AT HOME - with loving care being provided by Pet Pals Pet Services.
We really look forward to having you as a client and to taking care of you & your pet(s).
Feel Free to Call or e-mail to set up a FREE Consultation:
Phone: (513) 254-5300
This is Max & Brutus playing Collar Tag!!
Pet Pals Pet Services, LLC
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